Kemps Presents – Dan Jones ‘Henry V The Astonishing Rise of England’s Greatest Warrior King’


£12 Ticket only; £30 Ticket and Book (book rrp £25)




Join us to hear Dan talk about his latest book ‘Henry V: The Astonishing Rise of England’s Greatest Warrior King’.

Henry V reigned over England for just over nine years, and died at the age of just 35, but he looms large over the landscape of the late Middle Ages and beyond.  The victor of Agincourt was remembered as a paragon of kingship, a model to be closely imitated by his successors.

Henry V is a thrilling and unmissable life of England’s greatest king.  Dan has said that it is a biography he has been waiting many years to write due to Henry long being considered as the pinnacle and paragon of medieval kingship in both his own time and for centuries thereafter.  Churchill himself called Henry ‘a gleam of splendour in the dark, troubled story of medieval England’, while for one modern medievalist, Henry was, quite simply, ‘the greatest man who ever ruled England’.

This event will be perfect for history lovers, join us for an evening of sparkling conversation discussing Dan’s book and ‘one of the most intriguing characters in all medieval history, but one of the hardest to pin down’.