Ryedale Blues Club – Tim Ainslie and The Vibes





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Tim Ainslie and The Vibes is a powerful three-piece band from Suffolk in the UK, fronted by Tim Ainslie and showcasing his original material and dynamic guitar playing.

Since turning professional in 1997, Tim has become a highly respected musician and has created a reputation for being one of the most exciting, creative and versatile performers around. His unique style and sound encompass blues, jazz and funk but also crosses over into country & rock making it difficult to pigeonhole Tim’s exceptional playing style.

Tim has also played and toured in the UK, Europe and the US with many bands including Steamboat to ChicagoSteel Street, Swagger, Groove Doctors and Delta Groove and has also worked with US guitarists Buddy Whittington and Lighnin’ Willie. During his stint with the Groove Doctors he was voted as ‘Best Guitarist’ by Digital Blues Magazine.