Priscilla Queen of the Disaster





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Priscilla Queen of the Disaster is brutally honest about being a mum.

It’s of course full of love and a huge privilege but it’s also anything but easy, never predictable and can often leave you wondering how you are going to make it through until bedtime.

With tears streaming down your face, laugh along with the sometimes-savage experiences that can be motherhood and the ability to let go of all you thought it should be. Who knows, if we share, we might all feel a bit better and much less alone.

Join Susie, a mother of two boys as she shares her hilarious story of becoming a Mum, not knowing what she is doing and how she makes it through each day of parenting these two boys with no instructions.

Laugh along as Susie as she realises that parenting is nothing as she expected, highly unpredictable and nobody is getting it right, despite what social media might portray.

Come along with your mum mates and enjoy an evening of storytelling from dodgy yoga classes, becoming a ‘milk-able’ creature, letting go of perfection and embracing the uncertainty of everything that is Motherhood.