Marrakesh Express – A Tribute to Crosby Stills & Nash





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The Marrakesh Express are John Butler, Keith Buck, and Adam Ellis, who pay homage to the wonderful supergroup that was Crosby Stills and Nash.

Crosby Stills and Nash came together in the late 60s, the product of three very different bands. David Crosby was sacked by The Byrds, and brought with him his folk sensibilities, jangly guitars and harmonies. Stephen Stills had come from Buffalo Springfield, in which he had worked with Neil Young. Graham Nash had come from England and The Hollies.

One day, (either at Joni Mitchell’s house or Mama Cass’s – no-once can remember which) the three voices came together for the first time. The first song they sang was “You Don’t Have to Cry”, with Nash asking the the other two to repeat what they were doing so he could add a third harmony. The supergroup was born.

Marrakesh Express tell the story of this coming together through music from all four bands. Music by Buffalo Springfield, The Byrds, and The Hollies is interspersed with the hit by CSN. To add more to the story, Neil Young’s contribution is also covered.

This show is about tuning in, turning on, dropping out, protesting loudly, singing together, and finding the cost of freedom.

It’s one hell of a trip.

If you were there, and you can’t remember it, then come along and be reminded.