Coldplay + Oasis + Stereophonics – Tribute Triple





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Three of the biggest bands of the last thirty years in an amazing value tribute band triple bill, featuring songs such as Yellow, Viva La Vida, Wonderwall, Don’t Look Back In Anger, and Dakota.

Coldplay It Again is a Coldplay tribute band that celebrates the music of Coldplay with authentic, magical live shows.

Recreating the sound, look and spirit of a Coldplay show, COLDPLAY it again is a guaranteed great night out you’ll never forget, full of magic, emotion and amazing music. Close your eyes and it could be the real thing! In fact, you don’t even need to close your eyes because they don’t just recreate the sound, but also the look of a Coldplay live show, performing hits like Yellow, Viva La Vida and A Sky Full Of Stars.

Oasis Here Now brings the sound, style and swagger of Oasis in their 90s heyday.

Liam’s parka and tambourine? Check. Noel’s Union Jack guitar? Check. The attitude, the volume, the tunes? Check.Until the Gallagher boys bury the hatchet and get the real Oasis back on the road, there’s no better night of air-punching singalong Oasis hits out there than Oasis Here Now.

StereoCONics is an authentic Stereophonics tribute band  playing faithful versions of their classic songs. Capturing the power, energy and sound of a great Stereophonics gig, StereCONics are the perfect night out for hardcore ‘Phonics fans and for anyone who just wants to have a few beers and belt out Dakota and Handbags and Gladrags.