Andy Kershaw’s African, Caribbean & Latin Dance Night





Category: Dance, Music

The Milton Rooms is delighted to welcome the iconic DJ Andy Kershaw!

Supported by the very talented ​Hyde Family ​Jam, this will ​be a huge feel good dance event.

Andy Kershaw is a pioneer and evangelist, bringing music from around the globe to UK audiences with more than three decades of programmes on BBC Radios 1 and 3.

His obsession with finding new music has resulted in a 7.5 ton record collection, garnered from having visited 97 Countries in his pursuit of exciting sounds. Andy Kershaw wrote the book on World Music.

He has won more Sony Music Awards than any other broadcaster, was with Radio 1 for 15 years sharing a cramped office with John Peel, became the presenter of Old Grey Whistle Test by accident, frequently moonlighting as a foreign correspondent and war reporter.

Andy’s DJ talents are not restricted just to radio. He brings all his enthusiasm to live DJ gigs: Andy Kershaw’s African, Caribbean & Latin Dance Night, a one man war on musical mediocrity, is a straight through two-hour explosion of irresistible tropical dance music.

Even defiant non-dancers will submit!