An Audience without Jake Thackray or Les Barker !!





Category: Music

Celebrating the work of two of our finest and funniest wordsmiths

York based John Watterson is a talented guitarist and vocalist who has been keeping alive the spirit of Jake Thackray through his catalogue of songs which he acknowledges are at the same time painfully funny, sad, tragic, rude, irreverent, incisive and happy !

His appreciation and love of Jake Thackray’s music is obvious to his audience. His performance is a celebration of the man that was Jake Thackray – his life, his work and his genius.

And for this new show, John also features the work of another unsung legend – Mancunian former accountant Les Barker who discovered that his real talent was in writing silly poems, which he would perform at local folk clubs.

He soon became a regular at folk clubs and festivals, toured America and Australia, and saw his poems set to music and recorded by the US folk singer Tom Paxton, English folk legends June Tabor, Waterson Carthy and many others.

Expect a very funny evening of great music and poetry.